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I'm my own guest this week. I found some old video laying around that my friend Byurhan had shot with his new camera. He bought it when he was visiting from Ireland 2003-4, sometime around then. Here's Errol Garner's Misty:

It is "our song" and it is fun to see the old house and my lovely bride's clapping with two hands. Can't say I remember the shirt -- but it goes with the Cinema Verite, n'est ce pas?

You are encouraged to visit the virtual coffeehouse anytime 24 x 7 to watch this and all new tunes.

But, if you would like to load this song on your iPod® or local system so that you can access it without the Internet, you can download a copy to your local system. I will warn you, these are big files -- they take a long time to download and a lot of space on your system (this (long) video is 21MB, the mp3 is 5MB).


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