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That Mesmerizing Mendellsohn Tune

As played on the Titanic, 100 years ago! Irving Berlin c1909

Honey, listen to that dreamy tune they're playin'
Won't you tell me how on earth you keep from swayin'?
Umm! Umm! Oh, that Mendelssohn Spring Song tune
If you ever loved me show me now or never
Lord, I wish they'd play that music on forever
Umm! Umm! Oh, that Mendelssohn tune
My honey.

Love me to that ever lovin' Spring Song melody
Please me, honey, squeeze me to that Mendelssohn strain
Kiss me like you would your mother
One good kiss deserves another
That's the only music that was ever meant for me
That tantalizin', hypnotizin', mesmerizin' Mendelssohn tune.

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